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Starting Your Own Errand Service: A Dream to many. A Reality for those who are willing to sacrifice, work hard and believe in themselves. Starting and running an errand service takes time, effort and a truly unique attitude. People are losing the most precious thing they have . . . Time.  Helping People to Find a way back to Hobbies, Family Time, and Leisure Time is an excellent way to live a life.  Are You ready to start your own business?  Do you want to investigate the possibility?  If you are really serious, we have a packet of information for you.  We offer low cost information package to help you get started.  

Let us help you along the way to success.  We have compiled great information for you to move forward in your venture to start and run an errand service.


I have noticed an extreme amount of growth in the number of errand services selling packages online - and why not?  if you have learned the ropes and people want to know the ropes, then give em' what they want.


It must be hard to decide which one is best for you. I must admit, I would buy a package from someone who does this for a living - not just sells packages teaching it.  If you hit the  on this page, you will see I am an up and running errand service.


We Have Five Great Packages to choose From. All of these packages are "ONLINE,"  You will receive an email with a link to open the information you choose.


• Facts Packages     • Forms Package  


Packages to help you get started.

The Facts Package

  • This is a 50+ page book (full size  8 1/2 by 11).  Full of the ins and outs of starting and running an errand business.

  • Also included will be the office Support Services book that has tons of good information

  • Who are my clients and how do I go about getting them. Another 5 or so pages I have put together to assist the "new in business."

  • You may email me with any questions or concerns you have about ordering the information..

  • I add new articles of interest as I find them. Check back for updates. You have access for as long as you need it. No time limit.

  • This is an information only package and will not entitle you to unlimited email support or a Website directory listing

  • All of these packages are "ONLINE,"  You will receive an email with a link to open the information you choose.

The Forms Package

Do you have your business ready to go and just need some forms to get you started?  This package includes:

 Word processing brochure
 Cash Expenditure Chart
 House cleaning check list
 Dry Cleaning Request Form
 Invoice & Field Invoice
 Packing Checklists

Record of Errands Completed
 Price Sheet
 Networking Worksheet (business development)
 Marketing Postcard
 General Services Flyer
 Flyer for Teachers
 Flyer for Mobile Home Parks

Gift Certificate
 Independent contractor agreement
 New Client Form (information sheet)
 Errand Services Brochure (PDF)
 Marketing Flyers
 • Forms and other information are added as I go - so Check back for updates that you will always receive at no extra charge.

• Access the information for as long as you need to - No time limit on access to information.

• All of these packages are "ONLINE,"  You will receive an email with a link to open the information you choose.


Both of the Above Packages are now only $25 for BOTH

Starting an Errand Service - Working on your own.  Errand services are more and more in demand. People need help getting things done. If you have a mind to, you can fill this need. There are many things that you can do for people that you do for yourself every day. Some of these things include


  • Grocery Shopping

  • Gift Shopping

  • Waiting for repair men/service men, deliveries, cable, etc

  • Setting up for special occasions

  • General running around errands, Rx, movie returns, dry cleaning

  • Gift Delivery - You can deliver anything - sometimes people want to be more creative than flowers.

You can even get clients who are busy executives who know exactly what they need and just need someone to pick it up. I actually bought a pair of shoes for a busy attorney who likes to run. I buy her books for her book club, I buy her favorite sodas weekly. I scheduled her plumber. I bought a mattress for her spare bedroom. I met the curtain hanger and pet her cat while he hung her curtains.

People need help!


The key to success in this business (at least the key for me) is being able to think on your feet, make decisions, try new things. Have a GREAT DEAL of self confidence.


There are many benefits to owning your own business. I run my business from my home, like many small and micro-businesses.  I have an extremely flexible schedule. I am home when my kids get home. I am able to schedule most errands around their schedule. There are times I am not as available to the kids as I would like to be, but that is part of being in business. My kids appreciate my business and have grown up with it and over the years have learned how to respect what I do and the time I need to do it.

You Can Do it!!



My business has evolved greatly since I started running it in 1992.  I put myself out there and I networked and I did a great job for my clients. For this reason my business grew to where, honestly if I wanted I could work 100 hours per week. But, it took an unexpected, great turn. I do A LOT of office support services.  For this reason I have dedicated a complete section of the package to office support services. If you have office skills you are in demand.  Many one-man operations don't need a full or even part-time (20 hours a week) employee. They need someone to keep  them on track. They may need a person 1x per week or even 1x per month. There are so many of these types of businesses that you could work every day of the week at different place. You get to be part of a small business' growth and you are an important part of a team.

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