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Personal Services are services that are designed to give you back your free time.  It has become cliché to say that society is overworked. However true it is.  We find ourselves swimming in responsibilities.  Sometimes it becomes a choice of time over money.  
We pride ourselves on offering services that you need at a price that you feel comfortable paying.  We sincerely want to give you back the time to enjoy yourself a little more!  Heck, How about  A LOT MORE

All Personal Services are Billed at a Rate of $17 per hour with a One Hour Minimum


  • Grocery Shopping:   One of our most popular services!!! Groceries will be delivered to your door at a time you specify!  

  • We Can Run to the Bank, Dry Cleaners, Pharmacy, Video Store, YOU NAME IT!  Prices Vary By Task. 

  • Bill Paying: We'll write bills & prepare the envelopes.  All you do is sign! We can summarize your statements showing your balances and minimum payments, too! 

  • Pet / House / People Sitting: We will feed and / or walk your pet, water your plants, check your mail.  We will also check on a friend or loved one.  Even pick them up a meal at their favorite restaurant and deliver it hot!  Anyway we can help! 

  • Party / Function Planning:  We can help a little or a lot, based on your time needs. Just let us know!

  • We'll Even Work at Your Party.  Need someone to open wine, serve food, keep the party nice and clean.  We are at your service.

  • Post Office Runs: Buy stamps, drop off /pick up mail and / or packages

  • Resume & Document Writing / Formatting:  Complete resumes to simple cover letters to suit your needs. 


If you are in need of a time saving service that you do not see listed here, please give us a call.  it is our goal to accommodate your needs in any way that we can.


One of the greatest sources of pride that Robin Boland, owner of We'll Do it holds is the ability to adapt to the needs of our clients. We are willing to learn new things, try new things and find that we are very successful at helping a variety of clients meet their goals.



Moving by definition is hectic. Sometimes we are so busy with careers and family that we spend long night time hours trying to pack and organize ourselves for the move.  Add to that the pressure of finding a moving company, getting the best price, meeting with estimators it can seem impossible, and it can be very stressful.  "We'll Do it" Errand Services has been helping San Diegans prepare for moves. We have also helped people coming to San Diego from other states.  Let us help make your move easier.

All Moving Services are Billed at a Rate of $17 per hour with a 2 Hour Minimum - 


How Can "We'll Do it" Help You Move?


All Moving Services Are billed at $17.00 per hour. 


Boxes: We will run to the local moving store, and pick up boxes, tape, wardrobes and packing materials for you.  Saving you time.  We will even put the boxes together for you.  Saving you even more time.


Estimators:  Moving companies charge by the weight of your household items being moved. Many moving companies, in order to give you a guaranteed estimate (not to mention accurate) need to come to your residence to inventory items to be moved.  It can take over an hour for this process.  "We'll Do it" will meet the estimators at your residence and do a complete walk-through with them.  The quotes (estimates) will be waiting for you when you come home from work.


We can also spreadsheet side by side the estimates of each moving company so that you see who is charging what for what.  This can be a valuable tool in deciding on what service to utilize.


Packing: After a long day of work, who wants to come home and pack?   We will take the utmost of care with your items and pack them, and label them for you.  Can you afford to take the time off of work to spend at home packing for your upcoming moves?  What about your weekends?  Weekends are precious and you should spend them with your family and friends.


Waiting Services: Are you relocating to San Diego?  Even if you are just moving across town. Let us supervise your move in, Check off your inventory list and put boxes in the properly labeled places.  You will come home to your new place with the furniture in the rooms it belongs in and boxes appropriately placed.


UnPacking:  If your boxes are labeled and you have too much to do to unpack at your new place, let us do the unpacking for you.  OR - do you just need a hand unpacking?  Sometimes just having and extra person to help you out can make the job go faster, more enjoyable - and hey, I'll even run out and pick up sandwiches!


Oh! Those Unwanted Items: Those last minute things you decide you just don't want to take with you, but now it is too late to call a thrift store, because you have to be out today!  Give us a call, we'll pick them up and haul them off.  We will donate them for you and we will give you the receipt for your donation records.


You Gotta Eat! Fresh new place, a clean refrigerator!  You need to stock it!  We put off grocery shopping because we know we are moving and don't want to bring all the half empty (or half full) containers to the new place.  Let us take your shopping list and fill your cupboards and your fridge with all the items you need to nourish yourself for the weeks ahead, Hanging pictures, moving furniture and then moving it again!  A must service for the moving!!!!


Garage Sales! There are a few ways we can help you here.  If you just want to get what you can for those items you no longer want, we will man a garage sale for you!  Or, we will take your items and sell them for you at the swap meet or at our neighborhood yard sale and give you the profits.   We can even place your items in the local "thriftees" section of the paper and meet with the prospective buyers.  Or we will list and sell your items on EBAY.



If you are in need of a time saving service that you do not see listed here, please give us a call.  it is our goal to accommodate your needs in any way that we can

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