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In the Business of Running Errands, networking will be a tool you must utilize in order to succeed. You must be willing and able to talk to people. Present yourself to people in a way that builds confidence in you, your abilities and your business.

What is Networking?


People coming together to exchange ideas, information and resources. Networking is far - Let me repeat - Networking is FAR from selling. Networking is giving others the opportunity to know you and gives you the opportunity to know others. Almost like building friendships. It really is. You build business relationships and friendships will ensue. It is a natural side effect of networking, lucky for us!


Networking will generate at least 80% more substantial results for building business than print ads, cold calls, and other efforts/ways that you may work at getting your name and your business in front of people/prospects!!


Attitude Counts - You must approach networking with philosophy of "give and take." You must be willing to give out and to give of yourself, your time, your ideas.


Network everywhere and with everyone. I have been saying this to everyone who exhibits an interest in running an errand service. (Of course it applies to all business types) Really, if you think about it the opportunities are endless. Busy people are everywhere!


So, if you see another human being in the near vicinity, you have been given an opportunity to network.


How do you measure your networking efforts? Are you doing enough? Are you giving enough?



Set a networking goal each week for the number of new contacts you want to make.


  • Make The Move

  • Greet Everyone with a smile and an opened ended question or positive comment to get a conversation going.

  • Create an introduction that people will remember. Are you someone that you would enjoy being introduced to?

  • Your goal should be to create new relationships and not to collect a list of names of people you have met and pitched to and hope they will remember your meeting.

  • A Quarterly Newsletter - Just giving updates and hellos, special offerings, birthday wishes and thanks.



What a mistake it would be to miss calling even one lead. You have now lost two referral sources and the possibility of new business from the original referral. It is a big mistake - so don’t make it.


THANK YOU!!! Say thank you via a hand written note to the referrer. Even if you see them all the time. Send them a note. I have a habit of knocking off an hour of their next service should the referral turn out to be a one that gives me business!

Rewarding the referrers is a great idea but,


  • Don’t give away too much

  • Don’t set your self up for the expected gift or freebie.

  • Maybe give a freebie or discount every other time.


10 Ways to Succeed in a Networking Group


  • Meet Each Member of the group

  • Attend Every Meeting

  • Get on the Speakers List ASAP

  • Begin providing leads/referrals to other members of the group

  • Prepare a power-packed 30 second introduction (this is all you get at most meetings)

  • Sit with different members at each meeting.

  • Distribute the member’s business cards to your clients.

  • Invite a Business Associate to Join the group

  • Support the members of the group by using their products or services.

  • Send a press release when you join a new organization.

Chamber of Commerce:

Who better to network with local business people. Become a member and participate. There are many opportunities to network within these types of organizations.

Membership fees can range - But for a Chamber membership, you can expect to pay $200 or so.

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. Only you can speak for your business, who you are and what you offer. Only you care as much about your business as you. Take the first steps to network It may be difficult at first and you may need to ease into it.

  • Be kind to yourself, You are new at this

  • All Great Things Take Some Time To Create and Aspire

  • You are only one person and you can only do so much at once.

  • Give yourself time to grow and to learn and to develop what works for you.

  • Good Luck!!!!


Referrals Ways to get more referrals:


  • Create a referral form. A fill in the black referral from that is distributed quarterly to the names on your database is guaranteed to provide you with leads. Be specific about what you are looking for. Who do you know who is . . . ?

  • Ask During Delivery

  • No matter what you sell, your client will be more likely to give a referral at the time of delivery.

  • Offer incentives Rewards (see above) - Maybe even hold a drawing for a dinner, local movie theater or whatever!

  • Give leads in return. This is one of the best ways to get referrals. But be sure the referrals you give are quality, competent and reliable. Your reputation is on the line.



Who are your power partners? These are people in related industries that you can give and receive leads with/for/from (all prepositions how do you end that sentence?)


  • Mobile - Auto Detailers

  • Dry Cleaners - if they refer to you - you can bring clothes to them.

  • Day Spas - They cater to people who enjoy free time, have money and spend it on themselves. The Day Spas want customers - so it is beneficial to them to free up their client’s time.

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Who Else?


If you are not responsible for your growth, then who is?  Networking can be the best thing you can do for your errand service.  You must be committed to it and you must BE THERE.  My husband always says - "Don't just show up, be there."

Good Luck - If all those Million Dollar Mary Kay Ladies can network their way to the top SO CAN YOU!


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