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3/31/14 NEW!

I Found a Great YouTube Channel with Great Videos for Social Media Apps. 


She has a pretty thick accent, but her information is great!  I just used the video on how to add a custom tab to a facebook page and was able to add one for a client of mine - Here is the tab I added, if you are interested:

Ways to Get Email Addresses

Constant Contact has an awesome list on how to increase your database.  Copy this link:





Adobe Format - as it was intended to look

format not great in conversion

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In Word for editing - also providing PDF

Same as other but in PDF format

word format got skewed giving you both so you can modify & see intended look

intended for real estate office can be adapted

intended for car dealerships can be adapted

A great handout for your clients

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Group Services for Teachers. Or individual client solilitation 

offering GROUP Service

Ask for referrals for services they don't offer.

(geared toward auto repair shops

Post card text ideas

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In PDF -  I can email you in Publisher, just ask.

PDF format.  I can send to you in Publisher - just ask

 for business combined. It is helpful to clients and solicits business.

Yes, I did dress up

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