The Apple Days Festival Draws thousands of people.  It is a sincere goal of those running
the festival that it attracts people to your business when they come up to visit the festival.


I am putting together a flyer that will advertise the participating businesses and will be handed out at the front gate of the event.  We will do a minimum of 1000 flyers. If full participation is received, we will create 1500 (have to cover the cost of printing).


Here is one side of the flyer from 2010   

Please note - there is NO FRONT AND BACK - Face Up will Be Rotated - So numbers 11-18 are just as good as 1 - 8






































































Advertise Your Business
at the Apple Days Festival


As of Sunday - 9/22/13 - The Only Boxes Left are  #8  #12  #15, #16


This year the website at the top of the flyer will lead people to the Facebook page for Julian and it will continue to inform people of the goings on in Julian. So, in all reality, the advertising for our town will continue as people like the page.


Click here for the blank flyer for this year.  You will see that several spaces have already been claimed.  CLAIM YOUR SPACE!!  Note above the boxes remaining.


Please email me at  with your choice of box number  = please submit 3 choices, and they will be assigned on a first come first served basis.


Please reply as soon as possible!

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